The Gift of Hope

Chayne and samson-crop 2Our last and most recent rescue is a PMU colt named Chayne. He was from a rancher in North Dakota that was a former Premarin producer. Premarin is a drug that women take to help with the side effects of menopause and the drug is mostly made from pregnant horse urine (PMU). Thousands of horses end up in the slaughter house as victims from the production of this drug because after the pregnant mares give birth, their foals are not needed and are sold at auction, and if they aren't purchased, they are sold to slaughter. Chayne is already on his way to a better life partially due to a partial sponsor found in a little girl named Cheyenne who herself is living with medical issues and fell in love with Chayne via a picture we posted on Facebook that her grandmother saw and showed her. Cheyenne's goal is to be healthy enough to come out to our ranch and visit with Chayne soon.

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