A Cinderella Story

We were asked by a local woman if we would be interested in taking a horse she had.  Her husband had recently died and she was living on only one social security check a month. She had three horses and with the cost of hay she was struggling to feed them.  The first time we went to see the woman we knew we had to take the little white Arabian quickly or she might not make it. The woman seemed to be suffering from Alzheimer's and probably days would go by and she would forget to feed and water her animals.  She did not remember the animals names or how old they were.  She had so many dogs and cats and other animals it was very sad.  We brought the little white Arabian to the ranch the very next day and started her rehabilitation process.   The first hurdle we had to deal with was her severe dehydration.  She was so close to death and weak from dehydration she could hardly hold her head up.  She started drinking large amounts of water; up to sixty five gallons a day as though it might run out.  We had to put two fifty gallon water barrels in her stall so she would never run out of water again.  As the days went by she slowly started to come back to life.  When she was ready we started working on building her muscles back as they were like jello.  After months of weight gaining and muscle building we were able take a short test ride and found out that not only was she broke to ride, but she knew how to neck rein and run barrels. The name Cinderella just seemed fitting for her and so she had a new name befitting her new lease on life. Now she is our much loved little lesson horse that can go to the local horse shows with young children or senior citizens.

She is our little princess Cinderella.


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