Achilles - Just Another Pretty Horse

Another rescue that we have recently made was because of a young girl that called me oneIMAG0326 3 day about her 8 year old grulla buckskin named Achilles. She, like so many inexperienced horse enthusiasts, saw this beautiful horse and had to have him. She had no knowledge of how to care for one and ended up feeding him improperly, giving him too much grain and alfalfa. He started having lameness issues and of course, she could not afford the vet bill. We went to see Achilles and could not believe how fat he was and the small conditions that he was confined to. I felt that we could help him and give him a better future- so we brought him to the ranch. During the time that he has been with us, he has improved greatly due to a complete diet change, extensive ferrier work, and daily exercise that included hand walking on a lead at first, but now he is able to run in the pastures with all the other horses. Achilles LOVES the pastures, he has become our little lawn mower! Next, comes riding him!

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