Full Name: Cinderella
18 year old  Quarter/Arab   Mare

Cinderella is an 18 year old quarter/Arab white mare.  When Cindy came to us she was absolute skin and bones, in just horrible condition. She came from a senior citizen who we think had Alzheimer's and would forget to feed the horses for days at a time. Every time we visited the horses, she wouldn't remember their names. Cinderella was surrendered to us and it took us over a year to get her weight and muscle back to normal. One day while riding we decided to run her around the barrels and when we got to the last barrel she took off to go home which showed us that she had past barrel experiences. Since then we have taken her to several gymkhanas and she has performed well at all of them. She has lots of energy and would be a good horse for someone with a "go" horse experience. She is a safe horse to ride, no bucking or rearing just good healthy Arabian energy. Cindy would be a great addition to anyones family.

Cindy at Anza Gymkhana Cindy at Anza Gymkhana 2 Cindy at Anza Gymkhana 3 Cindy at Anza Gymkhana 4 Cindy in our "Grease" fundraiser Cindy in our "Grease" fundraiser 2 Cindy in our "Grease" fundraiser 3 Cindy in our 2011 "Disney" fundraiser Halloween Costume Gymkhana

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